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The Black Haired Pamplemousse
So back in the Sweeney Todd hype days I would post to the ridiculous CAPSLOCKSWEENEY page here on the old LJ, because, come on, "I peel you, banana". Funny shit, right?

Anyways I just found this one on my computer, and giggled like the easily amused horrible little photoshooper I am.
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  1. RT@Jaannotthatjohn: We can't believe for 1 min, regardless what happens Tues,that marriage is our only fight & that it is only in CA. #prop816 minutes ago from web
  2. @tourcrush I'LL BE THERE.17 minutes ago from web in reply to tourcrush
  3. @Kibs1 WHAT? Awesome!18 minutes ago from web in reply to Kibs1
  4. @jamiesmart something about this suggests you REALLY just wanted to tag something #fatbenaffleck.about 9 hours ago from web in reply to jamiesmart

  5. MY FOOTS ASLEEP MY FOOTS ASLEEP AAAHGAHD MY FOOTS ASLEEPPP... OH JESUS it's spreading to my LEGabout 21 hours ago from web
  6. @dallasrain Ooh, good one. Who taught you that, the Halifax dreadhawk?about 21 hours ago from web in reply to dallasrain

  7. About to consume delicious homemade pizzas. That I did not make. That's the life right there.8:13 PM May 23rd from web
  8. Peasants... slags... scumbags.7:57 PM May 23rd from txt
  9. Ugh. I hate playing "make the tweet fit" with im proper grammars.12:43 PM May 23rd from web
  10. Need 2 pop down 2 the comic shop, but feel awkward doing so because the only thing I want 2 pick up may not be there. O Jack, pls remember!12:43 PM May 23rd from web
  11. I'm so bored I could eat a horse. Wait..12:36 PM May 23rd from web
  12. is glad she woke up early-- morningwood on vh1? yeahyeahyeah! (lol... oh, wow)9:46 AM May 23rd from web
  13. happy birfday 2D, you sodding cartoon9:46 AM May 23rd from web
  14. RT: BREAKING NEWS: The California Supreme Court will rule in the Prop 8 case on Tues 5/26 at 10am! http://tr.im/ls0g (via @jointheimpact)1:25 PM May 22nd from web
  15. Someone needs to shut up about back atcha.8:10 AM May 21st from txt
  16. Was kidnapped to the dp show, idk whats up after.. surprises, surprises.8:28 PM May 15th from txt
  17. Tired (why?) and head hurts not fun.3:41 PM May 14th from txt
  18. "When you're makin one of these videos you sit down and say ok, what do i think's cool? buggies, yeah"12:07 AM May 14th from web
  19. @seejaderun Only all the time.12:04 AM May 14th from web in reply to seejaderun
  20. so freaking happy about coloring right now. must pause to eat ramenz, tho.2:54 PM May 12th from web

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The good sir Miles has a (rather long and hilarious) conversation with none-other than the notorious MURDOC NICCALS, dynamic bass- slayer of Gorillaz! Apparently I was hacked...BATTLE OF THE CENTURY...Collapse )

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That was one upset Leyla I needed to put behind me. I feel better about the whole situation now. I can wait a couple of months :] It isn't helping me out that there are two very attractive people on the cast, however... jk (or am I?)...

Still feeling overworked and underpaid, as they say. Stay tuned for some real news? Something productive, perhaps? I still haven't heard back from the Academy about my scholarship application... we'll see, I guess. I really hope I get it >-<

Watchmen comes out tomorrow, and buffalotim and I are gonna go see it at midnight :3 Pretty excited. Even though Alan Moore has shunned it, Dave Gibbons helped work on it so it can't be all bad. Fingers crossed.

There's only about 2 weeks left 'till opening night, I fear a little bit for the awesomeness of our show. NEVERTHELESS, I want to pimp:

Come see it, despite the time crunch we have a really awesome cast and Miss Latonya is the best director ever :] Additional choreography by the amazing Jaredt Hunter! <3

A lot more I could babble about, like being second place in Jamie's contest or having batshit crazy dreams last night or receiving the coolest present ever from the love of my life, but who wants to hear about that? I've done enough rambling for tonight. Hope everyone i know is doing awesome or at least chugging along.

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Okay, I'm sad. And while I'm sure I can't begin to fathom how you're feeling, unnamed lovestruck friend, I really can't believe it's worse than what's been happening inside me for the last 2 years. Because while the gentleman you are "crushing" on goes to your school, sits in your classroom, and talks and chats with you and about you on an almost daily basis, the person I love is roughly 1800 miles away and it sucks. 2 years, really? Is this the part where I start cursing Cupid for piercing me with his arrow and all that melodramatic bullshit?

On top of this I'm still sick, as I was up all night talking to said lovestruck friend, and consequently what little voice was coming back is pretty much gone now.

I dunno how much longer I can tell myself it'll work out eventually.


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  Oh, what's up, 2 A.M?

It's been a while since we hung out.
Yeah, I missed you too.

What? I never told anyone about my trip to L.A.? And now it's too late to go through the whole thing so we'll just have to pick out the most awesome bits in picture form? Well if you say so, 2 A.M.

My abridged Adventures in the City of Angels under the cut :D

cutcutcutCollapse )

Okay, I'm sleepy enough to sleep now. Good night L J!


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You know what I really like, about life?
I can have the most god-damn-awful day ever, and feel like shit most of the day, and then I can come home and get AWAY from everyone and everything, and take a shower, and I feel just lovely.
I felt pretty bad today.
I'm not even sure why. I think it has to do with a lot of things. Also, I felt very unattractive today, which usually doesn't matter to me, but today it did, for some reason.
A lot of people have problems, and that depresses me some.
It was really, REALLY goddamn hot today.
I can't stop saying "Goddamn", and I feel like I should be spelling it "Goddam". I'm only not on account of spell check with it's little red lines. Curse you, Salinger. Currrse yeeew.
That's about it, then. I would say more about my crap day, but it wasn't very interesting or anything, and a lot of the things bugging me aren't exactly things I want to talk about with everyone.

Someday, Megan, I'll get you that box of cookies- but it'll be a surprise when it comes. I'll not tell you.

Here's a photo of me I took a week ago of the best bed-head hair I've ever woken up with:

I can't wait to have a laaarge sleepy tonight.
I have to go to work tomorrow night, Arrr.

That's enough about me and my cheery life. Toodles!

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I'm gonna be Anne Frank with you:

Emo the Musical was probably the best thing that happened to me this month, and that's saying a lot because I went to Caz this month. I went with Megan and Gazelle and Lily, (WHO ARE FUCKIN TIGHT. LIKE SNAKES.) and invisible guy, and purple man i wasn't properly introduced to until he left, and Gay Friend, and a bunch of the aforementioned people's peeps. We were larger than the cast. Fuck yes. Then Megan judged me. Just fucking go to college already Megan.



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Well, I had a smashing weekend. Want to hear about it, yeah?
Commencing download... please hold still...

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I would kind of like to take a moment to post this email my dad wrote to Dan Vado [of Slave Labor fame] shortly after we got back from NYCC, that I just found hiding in his 'sent' folder. I was looking for my english essay to make sure I didn't send it to the wrong address, like a moron. Then I realized... with earthlink, you actually have to check some box to keep a copy in the sent folder. Great job, earthlink. way to not be HALF as convenient as Yahoo. Even though I was using his email in the first place because Yahoo was being horrible. BUT I DIGRESS. I hope this gives you a chuckle.

Dear Mr. Vado - I mean, hey, Dan - can I call you Dan? OK, now I'm wasting
your time, sorry. First off, I wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed meeting you
and Jhonen at the NY Comicon ( We were the insane fans who flew out from Oakland,
CA for no other reason ). My daughter and her three friends whom I was chaperoning
that weekend thoroughly enjoyed stalking Jhonen all weekend and getting multiple
audiences, pictures, and autographs with him - all framed and ready to be enshrined
in our home - thank you, thank you.
Now, the questions - at the SLG booth, you had a large JTHM poster hanging
on the wall which we all coveted. Please tell us you're going to reprint that
one, as well as the other Johnny posters that are out of stock. Are you? Please?
No, really, please? Awww, come on - I could take at least a half dozen of each off
your hands right now ( I know, big whoop, right? ).
Anyhoo, thanks for putting out all the great stuff you do - I hope you carry
on for a long time to come, and if my daughter has anything to say about it, we'll
probably be seeing you in San Diego.
Oh yeah - I find it interesting that all your printing is done in Canada.
My parents are both Canadian, so I know that all things Canadian are superior. Do
you do that to avoid Homeland Security?
Your devoted slaves,
Tim and Leyla Parker
Yeah, he's that awesome... or creepy. You decide.
Why, yes, my font IS purple and green because I can't stop thinking about the Joker. However did you guess?

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